Karen Potje – Can’t Help but Love You, Baby

Karen Potje

  1. Bunnies on my PJs
  2. Let’s Give the Baby a Bath
  3. Cuddlepup
  4. Look Before You Eat
  5. Ten Feet Tall
  6. Better Keep Your Shoes On
  7. Hug-a-bug Pug
  8. No Frills
  9. Garbage Day
  10. Lullaby For You
  11. Baby’s in a Slump
  12. Short
  13. A Song About Ferrets
  14. Can’t Help But Love You, Baby

Karen and Pug
photo: Scott McLeod

Karen Potje delivers a delightful collection of 14 songs for and about bleary-eyed parents, disgruntled babies, quirky pets, brainy big brothers and sisters, and everyone who knows and loves them. Can’t Help But Love You, Baby is a CD for grown-ups that kids will adore, and a kids’ CD that grown-ups will love to listen to — even after the 40th time in a row!

Karen Potje‘s warm, lively voice and captivating lyrics are backed by a distinguished ensemble of Montreal’s finest musicians: Jordan Officer (guitar),Joshua Lebofsky (piano/B3), Philip Hornsey (drums), and Rob Fahie (bass) with Alex Kehler (violin). Sophisticated jazz and sweet country with a bit of rock and roll and cha-cha thrown in for fun, Can’t Help But Love You, Baby is a pleasure for all.

You’ll sing and swing to Bunnies on my PJs (one baby’s scathing indictment of footsies), Lullaby for You (the poignant plea of a loving parent to the baby who refuses to sleep), Hugabug Pug (you’ll snort and snuffle along), Garbage Day (the song the band still can’t stop singing – at least one day a week), and more. Discover one of the newest and brightest singer/songwriters in music today, Karen Potje, with her debut CD Can’t Help But Love You, Baby.